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NH Used Car Search - Key Auto

Resources for online used car searches, online financing in NH, and other related topics

At the Key Auto Center of Portsmouth we allow you to shop for a used car from our plethora of used cars online. Online financing is something you can get started while you shop and of course you will want to communicate directly with a trusted adviser at our store to make sure you experience is as top notch as possible.
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We provide exceptional customer experiences

The price of a car should not fluctuate based on your ability, or lack thereof, to negotiate a deal. We believe that this takes away from our customers' ability to really select the vehicle that is most right for them. If all your energy is spent negotiating, there isn't much left to make sure you really like the car. Furthermore, you need to focus energy on making sure the financing is appropriate and affordable for you. What the one value price allows you to do is scan our inventory from home and know that those numbers reflect the best price. It takes the guess work out of trying to figure out what the vehicle is going to cost you. This is a major factor in every vehicle purchase but it's certainly not the only one or even the most important one. There is a long list of other important variable's such as safety, comfort, reliability, style, ect... We want our customers to be able to browse our inventory and easily see all our used cars online. We encourage you to visit this page about our company Philosophy and Mission Statement to better understand our vision for your exceptional customer experience with Key Auto Group.


The car fax is critically important if you want to make an informed decision, and we provide them for free online or in person with every listing of a pre-owned car online. A CarFax enables you to view the most important public records associated with the vehicle you are researching. It lets you view reports on accidents which will show you not only the severity of those accidents but also when they happened. The car fax can also have detailed information regarding what maintenance has or hasn't been performed on the vehicle and at what service garage that maintenance was performed. You can immediately identify some things that may or may not be important to you such as whether the vehicle was privately owned, leased by a company, or used a regular rental vehicle. You can access records that give a measure of security to your purchase including whether or not the vehicle ever had frame damage or an odometer discrepancy or a salvaged title which may decrease the value of a vehicle. You may also get some insight as to how much warranty is remaining on a vehicle based on the odometer and in-service-date. We know this information can play an important role in how you shop, so we make it available on our used cars online. You can visit one of our blog posts to read up on the importance of CARFAX and gain some more resources to shop intelligently online for used cars in NH.

If you think you want to sell your car or trade your car do it with a trusted adviser
When trying to sell your car privately or trade-in your car for the most money you have to seek the help of a trusted adviser, we recommend contacting them here, utilizing their knowledge, and making an informed decision before you sell your car. This is an extremely convenient way to get a valid cash value for your car. This is a value that you can use to trade your car or sell it. The way we arrive at such a high value for your trade-in or private sale car, truck, or SUV is remarkable. Never before have you been able to get a reliable cash value for your vehicle from your home. This allows you the ability to make an informed decision, do research, and compare our used cars online. If you want to learn how to sell your car privately or learn to trade-in your vehicle and get the most value, here is a great article on the 3 most important factors that go into getting a high value when you sell your car.

Key Auto Certification

What this means is that there are standards for the cars we sell. The standards demand that our certified mechanics service the vehicles to very specific standards. It allows you to comb through the inventory with confidence. Instead of focusing on things like evaluating whether or not the tires have a good amount of tread, you can make an informed decision knowing that all the vehicles you're looking at have great tread. This allows you to really focus on what is important, finding the car that fits your needs and that you want to own. We also offer a first free oil change, and free state inspections for life at our Key Auto Center certified service centers. You can really focus on getting the right vehicle and getting that vehicle in your budget. You can zero in on the best deal for you by using our online used vehicles in NH search engine.


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