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Welcome to Key Auto Center of Portsmouth

Vehicle Quality
There is a significantly higher quality used vehicle available today than there was just ten years ago. Specifically, the overall quality of used vehicles is higher than it was because of safety, performance, and technology improvements in all makes and models of new cars. What has happened over the years is the the quality of a 1 or 2 year old vehicle today is significantly higher than a 1 or 2 year old vehicle back in the year 2006. A drastic improvement in quality across the board for pre-owned inventory puts an emphasis on the customer experience. This is because the car buying decision is going to more often than before come down to the experience that you the customer has with our dealership and less often be about the safety, performance, or technology improvements of the vehicles. When it comes to New Hampshire dealerships, Key Auto Center of Portsmouth understands the difference we can make in the sales process for our customers is paramount in building our used car business. Focusing on the used car sales process customer experience is only going to benefit our communities here in NH.

Personal Referrals and Reviews
At Key Auto Group and specifically our used car department at Key Auto Center of Portsmouth, we understand that personal referrals and word-of-mouth have been the standard for making great connections with new customers and increasing our volume of business. Today, with the internet and review sites holding such a prominent role in the used car sales process, it is even more important for every customer and prospect to have a fantastic experience with our business. Key Auto also understands that it's important to resolve any customer service issues that pop-up because that is part of our customer experience and we are committed to providing that excellent experience. The pre-owned vehicle sales process does not have to be long and complicated or stressful for that matter. We have found that it is much more important today than it was 15 years ago that our customers past, present, and future understand we are here to serve them the best experience possible. Our customers notice our efforts by reading reviews about us from past customers. We are working to change the persona of the used car industry with every customer experience one step at a time. 

Gross Selling vs Volume Selling
What we learned long ago was that we didn't want to continue the old way of selling 10 cars a month for a very large profit when we could easily provide better customer experiences selling 100 cars a month for smaller more fair and reasonable profits. The reality of the car industry is shrinking profit margins on the sale of vehicles. These shrinking profit margins are unfortunate but more than okay with us because of our business model. What this means for our business and for our consumers is that customer experience has to be priority. Selling a high volume becomes more important for us to sustain and grow our operations. If we markup our vehicles by thousands and thousands of dollars just to sell 10 cars a month we will be out of business rapidly. If we take our time and sell 10 customers a car at a fair and reasonable price, we know they will send in a friend or family member or someone they meet. We strive to do this every month with every customer. We have built our business on repeat and referral customers and we understand the customer experience is why our customers have sustained this model for our business. It also is leading to exponential growth for our business, we thank our customers for buying their used vehicles from our New Hampshire dealership.

Building Trust
Our NH dealerships focus on earning and building upon trust with our existing customers. Key Auto Center of Portsmouth knows that trust is an important quality that we can build as individuals here and that will reflect as the image of our company. Key Auto values trust and we know that it will help our customers feel comfortable to refer their family and friends to come see us specifically to buy their next vehicle. We will take the stress out of sending a friend or family member to see someone to buy a vehicle. Send them to us in great confidence and you will know that we will treat them with the same respect you were shown during your experience. When buying a used vehicle from us, please remember how important this is to our business, we cannot survive without earning your trust.

One on One Attention
When you sit down with our sales consultants you will feel comfortable, you will feel like you can trust them, and that's not illusion. We treat our customers like our own friends and family and the environment created by this is amazing to be a part of. You have sales consultants and customers who feel like equals when sitting with each other at a work station. It is more of a personally rewarding educational experience for both customer and sales consultant than it is a pressured sales process. The added benefit of this one on one attention is that you can build a real connection with a professional in the car industry. This connection is not fake, we hire genuine people-persons who just love to serve, help, and communicate with others and we train them and give them experience needed in our industry to help our customers. When this connection is built it will draw you into your own used car buying process and this deeper involvement will help you make a great used car decision. You will enjoy this new style of selling cars at any of our used car dealerships in New Hampshire. 

From Internet to Sales Floor
What our customers will find is that what we post online and say online can be found to be true in person on the showroom floor. Key Auto Center of Portsmouth does not run scams advertisements or bait n switches to get customers in the door. Key Auto's online presence works hard to present the info you need to do your own preliminary research and allow you to access our inventories, Carfax Reports, and resource pages. We do believe in personal connection and always suggest talking with sales consultants to help guide your sales process whether you come in to the showroom or not. We do recommend you come in to our showroom because seeing cars in person is an important part of the process of buying a new to you vehicle. You will also see that financing and rate information will always be the same if not better in person as they are online. 

True and Transparent
You will find that your experience from online to in person will be honest, trusting, and very transparent. Communication can be lost via email/text and 'anti-social media' and we always recommend an in-person communication between customer and sales person so that information exchanged is never misinterpreted. When you sit down with our sales consultants you will have a really productive and honest conversation about your unique buying situation. We will tell you everything we know about vehicles, financing, pricing, quality and benefits of our other services. We will also help you do some research through the process to ensure you have made a great choice for your future. 

Making That One Connection
Once you decide you'd like to give us an opportunity to serve your needs we ask that you sit down with a sales consultant. You need to have someone with knowledge and experience in your corner who is fighting alongside you to get you into the best situation you can. You need experts on your team and our sales people have experience in all the makes of used vehicles and they know some tricks or lesser known intricacies of all makes and models. Once you sit down with these professionals you can make a connection with them and they can help to build a profile of your situation and guide you to your own decision. Sometimes as individuals we get stuck on one idea or bogged down on one detail and that's just human nature.  We need someone with experiences greater than our own to see more of the big picture and give us advice and ideas to move through some of those challenges and difficulties of buying a used car and make a great purchase. My own personal example would be last time I was looking for a new vehicle I was convinced I needed to have 4wd or AWD vehicle living here in New Hampshire. We were just coming off an incredible winter (2015) where my hometown of Dover saw record snowfall totals and it seemed to snow every single Sunday for two months straight. I was fortunate enough to have some great friends who are true car professionals and they helped me get away from that requirement and consider some front wheel drive vehicles. The reality for me was that I had not driven a front wheel drive vehicle with stability control/electronic stability control features. I didn't understand how that could be enough of a feature to leave me comfortable in the winter weather with some snow tires. At the same time, that decision to consider FWD vehicles was going to save me money since they are generally less expensive than AWD and 4X4 and less maintenance is required. What a great value added by a great connection! 

Our customer experiences are the greatest value we provide to our customers. We invite you to join our family here at the Key Auto Center of Portsmouth. We look forward to meeting you and earning your business.

Key Portsmouth

The Key Auto Center of Portsmouth has an experienced non commission-based sales staff who are professional and knowledgeable. We want to offer you a solution to your vehicle needs.We want to help you select a quality vehicle.

How Key Auto prices their used vehicles in NH

Key Auto Center of Portsmouth's used vehicle pricing is really quite simple, we've been posting our used car, used truck, and used SUV pricing strategy online since we opened the doors. The values of our pricing system are providing the lowest price, period, and providing an excellent customer experience. Our customers get more than a 100% effort from our sales staff. If you don't believe us, read reviews about us. Key Auto Center of Portsmouth customers consistently go out of their way to provide their thoughts on third party review sites and we would like to explain why they feel this way.

The 'Best Price' strategy

Hang tough, there's a lot of used car business jargon that we will do our best to explain.

  1. Market day's supply

Similar to Day's on Market (a term you may have heard when buying or selling a home) this metric measures market supply/demand data on specific used cars, and offers a thumbnail read of their desirability among potential buyers. The goal: a 60-day market day's supply for your entire inventory of used cars. The benchmark should guide, but not strictly define, a dealer's used cars acquisition strategy. Broadly, used cars with a market day's supply of 60 days or less are often a retail no-brainer; that is, the balance of supply and demand data suggests these used cars will sell quickly. However, used cars with a 90+ day market day's supply can also make good sense as retail used cars, depending on a dealer's ability to acquire it for the right cost and align the used cars pricing for the retail customers. The key here is striking an inventory-wide balance between highly desirable and less desirable used cars. In general, the 60 day supply of used cars on the lot will indicate a well-balanced inventory of used cars in NH.

  1. Cost to market

The reality of the NH Used Car market is that margins are shrinking and have been for years. Dealers in NH have found the set costs associated with reconditioning and selling used cars has been going up. What this means for dealers in NH is that used vehicles must be evaluated for condition and value before being purchased for their car lot. When they do purchase used vehicles it is important to pay the lowest price, period - in order to be able to provide the best retail price to the consumer and still be able to make a fair profit.

The benchmark: Dealers should aim for an 80 percent cost-to-market metric for their used cars inventories.  This means the dealer can service, recondition, and prepare a used vehicle in NH for a retail consumer and then hopefully price the vehicle lower than the market averages to make a quick, profitable sale where a NH dealer can find their  front-end gross profit goals. This benchmark will guide the NH used car dealer Vehicle Acquisitions Department to ensure appraisers and used car buyers can readily understand the relationship between the acquisition price, other costs (e.g., reconditioning) and a used cars likely gross profit potential. The old saying "you make your money when you acquire a used car" remains true today, however, the majority of the value is passed on directly to YOU! The used car consumer in New Hampshire.

  1. Price to market

Okay, enough with the pricing principles and jargon, how do you pick the number? This metric compares the asking price of a used cars in NH to the prevailing prices of similar used cars available in the NH used car market. Since most listings on used car search engines like Autotrader and and Carfax Online have paid advertised listings, it's important for us to price our vehicles lower than the competition that is paying to be found by the consumer. This way of pricing gives us a chance to earn the eyeballs of consumers online, and hopefully, entice them to walk through our doors. The only way a used car dealership can be successful and profitable is to create a great experience for their customers and offer them a price that is so much lower than the rest of the used car market in NH that they have no choice but to buy the vehicle of their dreams before somebody else does!

Example: A vehicle with a 90+ day market days supply might be priced 5 percent less than competing units (a 95 percent price to market) during its first seven days as a retail unit. The 5 percent discount reflects the unit's lesser degree of desirability because the market days supply metric suggests a high degree of retail competition. If the used car doesn't sell in a week, a NH used car dealer would adjust the pricing to 90 percent price to market for the next seven days. The cycle typically continues until the used cars sell.

What if pricing isn't my #1 concern? I need financing...

When necessary, we get you great financing and make the process easy and convenient for you. We pride ourselves on having an aggressive finance department that will get you the best terms for your situation. We utilize C.U.D.L. (Credit Union Direct Lending), and most conventional banks to meet all of your financing needs. You can also request more information by calling: 855-971-6146. We work with great local used car financing companies like Northeast Credit Union of New Hampshire and Service Credit Union of New Hampshire. We also specialize in damaged credit and first time buyer programs. 
The Key Auto Center of Portsmouth is a used car dealership that serves the needs of Dover, Somersworth, Rochester, Newington, Portsmouth and the greater seacoast area. There are a wide variety of used cars and used trucks available. You can purchase Jeep, Kia, Honda, Toyota, Hyundai, Nissan, Mazda, Ford, Chevy, Dodge, G.M.C. We have an extensive inventory including a large selection of Luxury vehicle's such as BMW, Mercedes, Infiniti, and Audi. Almost all makes and models are represented at any given time. There is a large inventory of used cars on the lot. You can also pick from any Key Auto certified vehicle in the Key Auto Group inventories, which holds 800-1000 cars at any given time.

We look forward to serving you!

Key Auto Center of Portsmouth has been offering premium Pre-Owned vehicles to all of New Hampshire, Maine, and Vermont. We have a wide variety of used cars and trucks. You can find the following makes of used vehicles in our 600-1000 vehilce inventory at any given time:
Ford, Chevrolet, Hyundai, Kia, Jeep, Chrysler, Dodge, Ram, Jeep, Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Subaru, Buick, GMC, Mazda, Cadillac, Lincoln, Saturn, Saab, Volkswagen, Suzuki, Mercedes, Acura, Infiniti, Audi, Pontiac, Mitsubishi, Volvo, Lexus and much more! If you don't see a particular vehicle, click on CarFinder and we'll let you know when that vehicle is in stock any where in New Hampshire. We service towns from: Laconia, Dover, Rochester, Portsmouth, Hampton, Seabrook, Boston, Concord, Portland, ME and all other towns far and wide all over New England. We pride ourselves in serving directly in our communities, especially locally in Belknap, Carrol, Chesire, Coos, Grafton, Hillsborough, Merrimack, Rockingham, Strafford, and Sullivan County.

For Tier 1/Prime (high score) credit customers, we offer preferred financing at low interest rates and great terms. We have a thorough process to repair and recondition our used vehicles to a very high standard (significantly higher than New Hampshire State Inspection standards on most cars). We are able to offer services and products in all areas of automotive needs making our store a 'one-stop-shop' for all things automotive! We offer services through third parties to ad sunroofs, spoilers, heated leather seats, navigation systems, reverse cameras etc. Key Auto Center of Portsmouth is a proud member of the Key Auto Group, which includes: Portsmouth Chevrolet, Salem Ford Hyundai, Portsmouth Used Car Superstore, Nashua Used Car Superstore, and Key Auto Center of Somersworth. We also have a handful of collision centers, towing services, car wash, service centers, and rental services and we purchase vehicles from the public.

Please browse our Preowned used cars, SUVs, trucks, and minivans then contact our friendly trusted sales advisers with any questions or feel to submit your request here. 

Why buy a Pre-Owned car from Key Auto Center of Portsmouth?

First, we have the best selection of used cars north of Boston and in the Seacoast/Portsmouth/Dover/Rochester area. Second, we provide the best financing terms for people of all credit types because we work directly with the finance institutions that are best for all credit situations, and we have great relationships with them.  If you have bad credit, that's okay we can get you an auto loan. We offer a first-time buyer program. Third, our sales staff is a non-commission pre-owned sales staff that works for one flat salary.  That's right! They pay attention to your needs and not how much money is in it for them, giving you peace of mind that you are getting the best upfront hassle-free deal.

Tax Title and Tags not included in vehicle prices shown and must be paid by the purchaser. 
While great effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the information on this site, errors do occur, so please verify information with a sales consultant. This is easily done by calling us or by visiting us at the dealership.

DISCLAIMER: Key Auto Group strives for accuracy in all vehicle descriptions, photographs, detailed specifications, pricing, links and any other product-related information contained herein or referenced on our website. Due to human error and other determinants we cannot guarantee that all item descriptions, photographs, detailed specifications, pricing, links and any other product-related information listed is entirely accurate, complete or current, nor can we assume responsibility for these errors. In the event a vehicle listed on our website is labeled with an incorrect price due to some typographical, informational, technical or other error, Key Auto Group shall at its sole discretion have the right to refuse and/or cancel any sale of vehicle(s) and immediately amend, correct and/or remove the inaccurate information. Additionally, all hyperlinks to other websites from Key Auto Group are provided as resources to customers looking for additional information and/or professional opinion. Key Auto Group does not assume responsibility for the claims and/or representations made on these or any other websites. Key Auto Group is proud to offer new and used cars and trucks for New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and the Seacoast region.