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First Time Buyer

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What makes you a "First Time Buyer?"
This term refers to the fact that you have never financed a vehicle or that you haven't financed a vehicle in a long time and that is no longer showing on your credit report. This designation is created by the lack of activity on your credit bureau and is indicated by a zero credit score, or lack of activity in paying credit positively. This designation will unfortunately place you in the 'highest bracket of default', meaning the finance companies view your loan as VERY risky. You may think that this designation would be reserved for bad credit borrowers, but first time buyers are in fact, the highest bracket of default.

We can get you into a vehicle, you can bank on that! You may be wondering, "Would a co-signer help me get a better rate?" The answer is, it's possible that a co-signer could improve your rate. This has a lot to do with just how good their credit "worthiness" ranks with a particular auto finance company. If their credit score is really fantastic, it may dramatically improve the terms of the loan as it reduces the risk of default. If the co-signer's credit is average or poor it may help get an approval but not substantially, if at all, improve the rate. It's always best to try to establish yourself in a first time buyer program on your own but if you can have some backup options with a trusted co-signer - that can't hurt. 

Do I qualify?
Qualification varies as do all loans that are based on credit, and the best way to find out if you qualify is to call: 855-971-6146 and ask to speak with a trusted advisor on our finance team. They are there to point you in the right direction and walk you through the process to make it a great buying experience for you. You will feel comfortable speaking with them about the first time buyer programs and it is likely that you will learn from them and feel more confident about your situation after having a brief conversation.

Some documents you may need for this process to get started:
  • Proof of Residence
  • Proof of Income 
  • References  
First time buyer programs in NH are difficult to navigate but we work directly with all of the programs and their finance institutions. Some of these finance institutions that we are honored to be doing business with include the following:

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You can file a dispute about incorrect information you find on your credit reports:

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