Do I get a CARFAX report with my purchase?
We offer free CARFAX reports with every vehicle purchase. When you go to our online used car search listings you will be able to view the free CarFax right in your internet browser. You just open those Vehicle Detail Pages of the vehicles you are interested in, and click on the free CarFax button.

Example of the CarFax 1 owner used vehicle logo from our website that you click on to view your free CarFax report

Are Key Auto Group used cars inspected?

Key Auto Center of Portsmouth is a full service auto repair facility and bodyshop that has been serving Portsmouth and the surrounding Seacoast areas. All of our retail vehicles are NH state inspected, meaning they pass the minimum safety requirements of a road worthy vehicle in NH. Keep in mind, most of our vehicles are well beyond the minimum requirements of the NH State Inspection standards, however, the level of conditioning depends on the year and miles on the vehicle and you can contact a sales representative to receive the up-to-date standards we service. Rest assured that NH State Inspection standards are generally beyond those of most other states and that overall the vehicles on the roads in NH are better off for it. NH drivers buy quality used vehicles and our state safety records reflect that as a positive thing that saves lives. Additionally, most of our vehicles have been 70 point inspected by our highly-trained team of technicians, and come with a 6 month, 6,000 mile powertrain warranty. Our vehicles are not only serviced by highly qualified service technicians, but they are processed for service condition at a centralized Processing Center where we have many processes and systems in place to ensure an extremely high quality used vehicle can be produced for sale. This processing center is for our used cars, trucks, and SUVs in NH and allows us to pass many savings on to our customers.
    *The Law of Unsafe Vehicles: New Hampshire, unlike many other states, permits the sale of so-called "unsafe" vehicles which cannot pass state inspection when sold. New Hampshire's Unsafe Vehicle Act (RSA 358 F) gives consumers several important legal rights in the sale of such used vehicles. An "unsafe" vehicle is one whose brakes, Frame, Exhaust system, or lights will not pass the state's safety inspection. Please note, some vehicles are sold "as is" with no inspection - this is very rare and will be reflected in the price. Additionally, you the buyer, will be made fully aware of this and will be able to incorporate this information into your buying decision. We do try to avoid having these vehicles available at all - but for some consumers, these cars are valuable and they want us to have them available so we do our bet to accommodate their needs. We will keep these vehicles parked in separate areas form the normal retail used car inventory so the customer experience for most of our customers is our main focus. Again, the vast majority of our vehicles are fully serviced and come with a warranty.

Is your inventory listed online? is the best way to view our entire pre-owned inventory. It also allows you to calculate your desired payment, run free CARFAX reports, and obtain specific information about each vehicle we offer. You can access web forms to start applying for financing and really narrow down your car buying situation. It might behoove you to get in touch with one of our trusted advisers in the sales department so they can teach you what to look for and how to put yourself in the best used vehicle in NH that you possibly can. Please be sure to ask about our referral program as well.

What makes of vehicles do you sell at your location?

Customers shopping for pre-owned vehicles in NH are generally open to any make, model, and type of vehicle. We carry Chevrolet Used, Ford Used, and Hyundai Used and most of those are highly maintained vehicles that are traded in at our New Car franchises within the Key Auto Group. We also sell any other type of vehicle you can think of that is generally available within the United States of America. The inventory often includes Used Nissan, Used Honda, Used Toyota which are often the most commonly sold used vehicles. The inventory also often includes Used Audi, Used BMW, and Used Mercedes vehicles which we consider to be our mid to high end luxury used vehicles. Of course, we are no restricted to those makes and models and we also carry Used Lincoln, Used Mercury, Used Dodge, Used Jeep, Used Kia, Used Ram, Used GMC, and other various makes and models.

What is my interest rate going to be?
It's going to be somewhere between a single digit % and 30% - we would love to give you your used car rates but for 100% of our customers that rate will depend on a large amount of factors including but not limited to the age and mileage of the vehicle you would like to purchase, your credit history, and your current employment information. We can help walk you through this but it's easiest to have these conversations face to face with one of our trusted used car advisers because we do not want anything unclear. We want to provide you with clear credit information so you can understand your used car financing in NH. A trusted adviser and a strong finance manager at the Key Auto Group is trained AND most importantly experienced at negotiating the rate you can receive on a used vehicle in NH with all the finance companies. Our finance managers build relationships with the finance companies, they sweet talk, they tell your story, they beg and plead, and they get the best responses for your used car financing. The difference in getting the best used car financing is effort, the difference is KEY.

What types of finance rates do you offer at The Key Auto Center of Portsmouth?
Although it is impossible to predict an exact interest rate without pricing and credit information, you will almost always qualify for a better rate and term at The Key Auto Center of Portsmouth than anywhere else. Here's why: The Key Auto Center of Portsmouth maintains cohesive partnerships with over 30 separate lending institutions of all sizes. These partnerships allow us to provide our customers with the lowest possible finance rates and most competitive terms. Our lending network includes a variety of institutions throughout the region including but not limited to Northeast Credit Union, Service Credit Union, and Santander. For those who have credit that creates a challenge for financing a used car, however, we have become so proficient at working our resources we can often do better things through more traditional financing companies for those customers. This is really a great financing program here at Key Auto that has allowed us to build up our customer base and help hundreds of customers locally rebuild their credit and drive a reliable used vehicle in NH.

I recently had a bankruptcy... can I still by a used car from The Key Auto Center of Portsmouth?

The Key Auto Center of Portsmouth offers finance programs for customers of all credit types. Whether you have been through bankruptcy, foreclosure, or are simply upside-down in your current loan, we have a program for you. Bankruptcy is one of the trickier and more difficult credit situations to be in when looking to finance a used vehicle and there are a lot of dealers promising great rates and approvals. We are not going to promise you an approval without speaking with you and getting your side of the story, but, we do want to hear your side of the story. Everybody's situation is a little bit different and if you are willing to be honest and patient with us, we will be able to help teach you about the situation you're in (we deal with many many customers in this situation) and we want to share our knowledge about bankruptcy loan programs in NH that will allow you to buy a vehicle while in a bankruptcy situation.

Do you have a "First Time Buyer Program"?
Not only do we have a first-time buyer program, but the banks in our network report to all the major credit bureaus. This will help you establish a favorable credit history to make life easier in the future. Please contact one of our trusted advisers to discuss your finance options. The phone number is 603-319-0400 - you will be connected to someone who can help teach you about First-Time buyers programs in NH that will allow you to buy a used car that fits your needs and your budget.

I'm interested in a vehicle at one of the other Key Auto Group locations. Can the vehicle be moved to The Key Auto Center of Portsmouth?
Yes indeed! We have a very flexible transportation situation (helps when you have 1000 vehicles to choose from) which will allow you to easily view any car or truck or suv at our NH dealerships. With upwards of 500 vehicles turning over each month, your best bet to save time and energy is to call a trusted adviser at our location and set up your viewing of the vehicle in the most appropriate manner.

What other perks do I get when buying a used car from The Key Auto Center of Portsmouth ?

Besides excellent pricing and highly competitive finance terms, here are some other advantages to doing business at The Key Auto Center of Portsmouth:

  1. Free NH State Inspections for the life of your vehicle
  2. One free oil change after delivery
  3. Service discounts
  4. Referral bonuses (who wants $100 cash???)
  5. A relationship with a reputable, local dealership that takes care of its customers before, during, and after the sale.
  6. You are included in the Key Chain, a great resource to you, for anything automotive related.

A great resource called the Key Chain which offers full automotive services


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